SolidWorks Performance

If you ever get the feeling that your massive assemblies are pushing the limits of SolidWorks Performance on your system, check out these tips from CATI, a VAR in the Midwest that’s done a lot of work figuring out the optimal system configuration for large assembly work.  They did a presentation at SolidWorks World (SWW) in 2011 that was really in depth and that I still find myself going back to reference (Great job guys!).  Here’s a link to their blog posts summarizing their results:

And you can even check out the complete presentation on the SWW website.  Here’s a link:

Do a search for “performance” in the 2011 proceedings and you can stream the video or download their PowerPoint slides.  It’s interesting, but a little heavy on the tech-speak, so here’s a summary of the good stuff.